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In the race to create value for your enterprise, ROI is your best asset for making technology decisions and optimizing your IT infrastructure, cloud usage, and security posture.

What You Need to Know About ROI

For over 10 years, ROI has helped hundreds of mid-market and large enterprises make thousands of optimized technology decisions while helping manage the lifecycle of their technology. Based out of Norwood, MA, our team has over 150 years of combined experience in the IT industry.
We act as a trusted advisor and advocate for our clients and serve as a constant in a world of ever-changing providers and personnel. We help drive the right decisions on critical IT, security, and cloud infrastructure and then stay present through the entire lifecycle of the technology – from strategy and innovation to value optimization, and renewal.


As advisors, we leverage our expertise, experience, and partnerships to design solutions and decision processes that help clients achieve the outcomes they need to realize a return on their IT investment.


As advocates for our clients, we leverage our buying power, relationships, and knowledge of the market to fight for their best interests and hold providers accountable to the pricing, service levels, and timelines they promise.

Our Values and Service

We are committed to furthering the goals of our clients, employees, partners, and the larger IT community by providing a platform they can leverage to help them discover and use technology as a means to growth and success, measured by their desired outcomes and individual goals.
We bring our tools, institutional knowledge, and a philosophy that trust is built and earned to help you understand where you are and how to get where you need to go.
We empower people to focus on core competencies; and oversee and overlay the moving parts of their technology infrastructure and lifecycle management to ensure their success.
We work on your behalf and act in your interest; giving more than expected to create long-term value and contribute to organizational and individual success.
We’ve invested in hiring and partnering the best people and providers in the industry, bringing to bear the lessons learned by decades of work and success.
Our impact is easily quantified across budget impact, time to value, and outcomes achieved. Our eye is always on creating a return on your IT investment.
ROI has been successful thanks to the community that we operate within. Our message of advocacy extends beyond IT to helping stand up for those in our community that need it.
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Our people are our best asset. Meet the advocates that will stand with you and advise you throughout the lifecycle of your technology. Day in, day out, they are fighting for your best interest.

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